Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher

The Mystical Nomad

Music’s Escapade

Born Into the world of Nirgun Sangeet,
His childhood rhythmed with Pandit Meher Singh Kher (Father),
Saint Kabir, Shri Guru Nanak, Saint Ravidas and Guru Goraknath.

Roving in Existence

He wandered through the torrents of
cloudburst and droughts to see where he fitted in.

Margin of Life

Fallen but not defeated, starvation did not disappoint him.

Nix to Kudos

Finally his career kick started through a jingle in 2002
and thereon there was no looking back.

Dazzling the Horizon

2003 saw a new light of Music through ‘Allah ke Bande’
and thereafter his music continued to grow
in all the 22 languages of India with countless
numbers of Hindi and regional film songs.

Accolades and Awards

His phenomenal works in the Art of music
never stopped to earn him recognition and honours ranging from MTv,
Filmfare etc, to the highly coveted Padma Shri Award.